Funny Leprechaun Names [310+ Clever Ideas]

Funny Leprechaun Names
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Leprechauns, those legendary figures of Irish folklore, are known for their mischievous and elusive nature. Traditionally portrayed as tiny, bearded men in green coats and hats, these mythical creatures embody a blend of trickery and mystery.

From playful and light-hearted to clever and fascinating, these names are more than just labels; they represent the vibrant personality of each leprechaun. 

We will share the funniest leprechaun names; prepare to be captivated by the charm and creativity these names bring to the myth of these iconic figures.

Funny Male Leprechaun Names

Funny Leprechaun Names infographic

Male leprechauns stand out with their bold, mischievous antics, often mirrored in their names.

Their names should be a mixture of creativity and fun, reflecting the playful essence of these fictitious creatures. 

From puns that play on words to names that bring a smile, this collection is an ode to the lively spirit of male leprechauns.

  • Chuckle O’Toole
  • Binky McGiggles
  • Winky Doodle
  • Fidget McFuzz
  • Giggles O’Reilly
  • Zippy Limerick
  • Snicker O’Sullivan
  • Jolly Fitzpatrick
  • Paddy Prankster
  • Hiccup Flanagan
  • Twinkle McFinn
  • Tickle O’Shaughnessy
  • Bounce McGold
  • Noodle O’Malley
  • Boomer O’Grady
  • Dazzle Murphy
  • Blink McDoodle
  • Sneezy Malone
  • Squiggle Fitzgerald
  • Jester McWhimsy
  • Bumper O’Doodle
  • Frolic O’Hara
  • Mischief McSprout
  • Whopper Doyle
  • Squeaky Kilpatrick
  • Gobble O’Brian
  • Sprout O’Finnegan
  • Giggle McDermott
  • Pogo McLepre
  • Sparky O’Goblin
  • Dimple O’Dandy
  • Jiggy Kavanaugh
  • Breezy O’Rourke
  • Squirt O’Griffin
  • Tootsie McElf
  • Wobble O’Shamrock
  • Blarney McGoldrick
  • Nibbler O’Fairy
  • Hoot O’Clover
  • Spud McShenanigan
  • Wacky Callahan
  • Scampi O’Leary
  • Riff Rafferty
  • Loco O’Dwyer

Clever & Funny Female Leprechaun Names

Funny Female Leprechaun Names

With their mysterious aura and graceful charm, female leprechauns carry names as enchanting as their personalities.

Their names weave together the magic of folklore with a touch of whimsical creativity. 

Each name in this list is a tribute to the glamorous nature of female leprechauns, capturing their light-hearted mischief and ethereal beauty.

  • Twinkle McSparkle
  • Giggly O’Fluff
  • Bubbles McShine
  • Dizzy O’Dazzle
  • Fizzy McGlitter
  • Wiggles O’Wisp
  • Sparkle McCharm
  • Jolly McTwirl
  • Sassy O’Sprout
  • Tinker McFairy
  • Whimsy O’Glee
  • Zany O’Zigzag
  • Flicker O’Fancy
  • Glimmer O’Glow
  • Puffin McPickle
  • Merry O’Mirth
  • Dainty O’Delight
  • Swirl McTwinkle
  • Flutter O’Frolic
  • Glitter O’Giggle
  • Pippy LepreLass
  • Shimmer O’Sheen
  • Tizzy O’Treasure
  • Fluff McPuffin
  • Squiggle O’Squirm
  • Breezy O’Bright
  • Razzle O’Rosy
  • Sizzle McSassy
  • Tootsie O’Twirl
  • Doodle O’Dream
  • Lolly McLaugh
  • Peppy O’Pixie
  • Tickle O’Teal
  • Jingle McJoy
  • Snappy O’Snicker
  • Pixie O’Prance
  • Zippy O’Zest
  • Quirky McQueen
  • Glee O’Glimmer
  • Zest O’Zing
  • Mirth O’Magic
  • Lively O’Luck
  • Frolic O’Fancy
  • Zizzle McZest
  • Perky O’Pickle

Funny Irish Leprechaun Names

Funny Irish Leprechaun Names

Irish leprechauns, deeply rooted in the rich tapestry of Celtic mythology, bear names that echo the lyrical and mystical nature of the Emerald Isle.

They carry a pleasant quality, sounding both captivating and fun. 

Each name is like a tiny story, wrapped up in a few syllables, echoing the spirit of Ireland.

Here’s a list of funny Irish leprechaun names that are as unique as they are delightful:

  • Seoirse Shamrock
  • Ríona Rainbow
  • Oisin Oak
  • Eimear Emerald
  • Cian Clover
  • Sorcha Sunbeam
  • Fintan Fiddle
  • Brigid Breeze
  • Connall Charm
  • Dervla Dew
  • Eoghan Elf
  • Fiadh Fairy
  • Gráinne Glee
  • Iarfhlaith Ivy
  • Keira Kite
  • Lorcan Limerick
  • Mairéad Mist
  • Niall Nettle
  • Órlaith Orchid
  • Pádraig Puddle
  • Ruairi Riddle
  • Siobhan Sylph
  • Tadhg Thistle
  • Una Urchin
  • Vaughn Vervain
  • Bébinn Brook
  • Colm Crag
  • Dáithí Daffodil
  • Eilís Echo
  • Fionnuala Fern
  • Gobnait Gale
  • Hugh Hazel
  • Iseult Iris
  • Jamsie Jig
  • Kavan Knot
  • Laoise Leaf
  • Mealla Meadow
  • Nessa Nook
  • Oengus Opal
  • Peader Pixie
  • Rian Ripple
  • Sibeal Sprout
  • Turlough Tangle
  • Ultan Umbrella
  • Veran Vine

Funny Evil Leprechaun Names

Funny Evil Leprechaun Names

The naughty side of the leprechaun myth brings us to the realm of ‘evil’ leprechauns, known for their cunning and trickster ways.

These names, with a slightly darker twist, encapsulate these mythical figures’ cheeky and somewhat naughty nature. 

While still rooted in the playful world of leprechauns, this list offers a glimpse into the more mischievous aspect of their personalities.

  • Malarkey Mischief
  • Skullduggery Sheenan
  • Sneaky McSneak
  • Gloom O’Goblin
  • Trickster O’Trick
  • Boggle Blackthorn
  • Crookshanks Crackle
  • Devilish O’Doom
  • Grimmer Grim
  • Hex O’Havoc
  • Impish O’Imp
  • Jinx McJester
  • Knave O’Knavery
  • Lurk O’Loom
  • Mischief McMurk
  • Nefarious Noggle
  • Omen O’Ornery
  • Puckish Pooka
  • Quirk O’Quiver
  • Rogue O’Rowdy
  • Spooky O’Spite
  • Tricky McTrickster
  • Unseelie Usher
  • Villain O’Vex
  • Warlock Weasel
  • Xander Xanadu
  • Yonder Yowl
  • Zephyr Zany
  • Bane O’Brisk
  • Chaos O’Charm
  • Devious O’Dire
  • Eerie O’Elf
  • Foul O’Fey
  • Ghoul O’Grin
  • Harpy O’Harsh
  • Irate Iron
  • Jester O’Jeer
  • Kraken O’Kreep
  • Looming Lepre

Catchy Leprechaun Names

Cute Leprechaun Names

Catchy leprechaun names capture these creatures’ heartwarming side, reflecting their gentleness and gentleness.

These names are imbued with warmth and endearment, echoing the softer side of leprechaun folklore. 

This list showcases sweet names and evoke a sense of comfort and joy, embodying the friendlier spirit of leprechauns.

  • Sprinkle O’Sweet
  • Bubble McBliss
  • Cuddly O’Comfort
  • Dandy Dewdrop
  • Elfin Emerald
  • Fluffy McFluff
  • Giggly Goldie
  • Honey O’Heart
  • Ivy Iridescence
  • Jolly Jellybean
  • Kissy Cloverleaf
  • Lullaby Lush
  • Muffin McSnuggle
  • Nuzzle O’Nest
  • Pippin Peapod
  • Quaint O’Quiet
  • Roly-Poly Rainbow
  • Snuggly Shamrock
  • Tootsie Twirl
  • Upsy Daisy
  • Velvet O’Violet
  • Whisper Willow
  • Xylophone Xanthe
  • Yummy O’Yarn
  • Zippy Zinnia
  • Angel O’Aura
  • Bliss O’Bloom
  • Charmy Cuddle
  • Dewy Dimple
  • Fizzy O’Fancy
  • Glittery Gleam
  • Huggable Harmony
  • Jingle Joy
  • Kooky O’Kuddle
  • Lively Lovebug
  • Mellow Meadowlark
  • Niblet O’Nuzzle
  • Oomph O’Opal
  • Pookie Pixie
  • Rosy O’Ripple

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Wrapping Up Our Magical Ride:

In our entertaining wander through leprechaun names, we have uncovered gems that sparkle with humor, charm, and a touch of Irish magic.

Whether it’s the playful jest of a Funny Male Leprechaun, the enchanting allure of a Funny Female Leprechaun, or the heartwarming twinkle of a Cute Leprechaun, we’ve seen it all.

Choosing a favorite name or two can be an enjoyable game. Imagine their stories, or even sketch your versions of these tiny folk. 

Let these names be a source of joy, a spark for your creativity, and a reminder of the playful spirit that dwells in us all.

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