600+ Funny Vampire Names

Funny Vampire Names
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Whether you’re looking for a silly name for your next costume party or searching for inspiration for a vampire character in a story, getting creative with names can be a fun way to get into the spooky spirit.

So, we have brainstormed a variety of funny and unique vampire names, ranging from punny plays on classic monsters to unexpected choices that subvert old tropes.

From cute to creepy, male to female, we’ve gathered vampire names that aim for fang-tastic laughs. Read on for funny name ideas to sink your teeth into!

Funny Vampire Names (With Meanings)

Funny Vampire Names infographic

Not all vampires fit neatly into the male or female category; some are just out to have a good time, regardless of their background. 

These names blur the lines between the eerie and the amusing, perfect for those seeking to infuse their tales or games with a dose of supernatural comedy.

With an eclectic blend of whimsy and darkness, these names carve out a niche where humor bridges the gap between the living and the nocturnal.

1. Dracu-Latte: Prefers coffee shops over crypts, savoring a dark roast with his dark demeanor.

2. Fangs McFlutter: A social butterfly among vampires, charmingly flitting from one gathering to another.

3. Count Chuckula: Known for his infectious laughter that lightens the gloom of the vampire world.

4. Bitey McBiteface: Playfully nibbles at friends, making every encounter a delightful jest.

5. Vlad the Inhaler: More concerned with finding his inhaler than haunting the living, showcasing a relatable side.

6. Nosfera-Too-Cute: Her adorable appearance turns fear into affection, winning hearts over screams.

7. Sippy Longtooth: Sips elegantly from a glass, displaying impeccable manners that defy his nature.

8. Sir Chomps-a-Lot: His legendary appetite is all in jest, making him a hit at supernatural feasts.

9. Snackula: Favors light, tasty treats over traditional fare, with a refined palate for snacks.

10. Incisor Slice-R: Delivers precise, clean bites, earning him a reputation for meticulousness.

11. Boo Berry Crunch: Has a penchant for sugary cereals, making breakfast his favorite meal.

12. Dr. Acula: Balances his medical practice with vampire antics, offering a unique blend of care.

13. Ivana Sip: Turns each drink into a ceremonious occasion, embodying grace and elegance.

14. Sir Drools-a-Lot: His eagerness may be messy, but it’s always accompanied by warmth and humor.

15. Sparkletoes: Lights up the dance floor with his glittering moves, dazzling everyone in sight.

Funny Male Vampire Names

The night whispers tales of male vampires not just cloaked in shadow but also an unexpected delight. 

These names add a twist of fun to the night, showcasing vampires not just as creatures of darkness but as beings with a surprising sense of humor. 

Perfect for characters who can bring a laugh amidst the lurking shadows, each name here is a testament to the lighter side of the undead.

  • Count Fang-Tastic
  • Vlad the Inhaler
  • Drake U. La
  • Nosferatu Toot-Toot
  • Baron Von Bitemark
  • Spike McStakeface
  • Bob Fangsworth
  • Disco Drac Jr.
  • Fangs Solo
  • Count Snackula
  • Barry A. Live
  • Sir Hisses-a-Lot
  • Edwin Sparklefangs
  • Creepin’ Carl
  • Krispy Kevin
  • Midnight Snacker
  • Lord Vampy McVampface
  • Chester Bloodbucket
  • Vincent Van Cough
  • Crimson Chin
  • Vlad the Impatient
  • Fangs McCoy
  • Stuffy McGarlicbreath
  • Dusty Ol’fangs
  • Spike McOuchie
  • Professor Fluffy Mittens
  • Crusty McBoogers

Funny Female Vampire Names

Funny Female Vampire Names

Within the shadows; there exists a group of female vampires who, rather than solely seducing with their timeless beauty, captivate with their humor. 

It’s a celebration of the lighter side of darkness, where charm and fun go hand in hand, proving that even the most fearsome vampiresses have a funny bone. 

These names blend the elegance associated with female vampires with a playful punch, proving that even the undead can have a sense of creativity.

  • Disco Draculina
  • Moonlight Mabel Munchkin
  • Twilight Twinkles
  • Fangy Fanny Fizzle
  • Starlight Stella Snack
  • Misty Muffin
  • Vampira McFangface
  • Dusty Rosefangs
  • Lucy Fur
  • Bloody Mary-Beth
  • Helena Bloodbasket
  • Lillith Bloodmoon
  • Ima Stabya
  • Lady Bitey McOuchy
  • Ivana Sipya
  • Baroness Burp-a-Lot
  • Midnight Muffintop
  • Boo Berry
  • Miss Stake-n-Bake
  • Bitey McSnackems
  • Flossy McGlossy 
  • Ima Spookya 
  • Tipsy Twilight
  • Dusty Dracula
  • Crustina Crustbucket

Funny Vampire Hunter Names

Switching gears from our friendly neighborhood vampires, let’s talk about those who hunt them, not with malice but with a twinkle in their eyes. 

These hunters are more likely to disarm you with laughter than with a stake. 

Here, we present vampire hunters who are as hilarious as they are fearless, proving that even the most daunting of tasks can be approached with a sense of humor.

  • Stake Skywalker
  • Crossbow Comedian
  • Silver Bullet Stand-Up
  • Dawn Dusk Dodger
  • Caffeinated Crusader
  • Shadow Stalker Snickerer
  • Night Watch Napper
  • Coffin Knock-Knock Joker
  • Nightlight Navigator
  • Blood Bank Security
  • Crypt Crasher Chuck
  • Sir Nervous Twitch
  • Bats in the Belfry Bill
  • Lady Ticklefight
  • Moonlight Mocking Master
  • Stakeout Standup
  • Chompers Chaser
  • Dawn Patrol Prankster
  • Twilight Tracker Tickler
  • Buffy Stumbles
  • Blade McButterknife
  • Dusty McStakeface
  • Captain Crossbow Clumsy
  • Sir Squeaky Toy
  • Professor Fluffy Slippers

Funny Vampire Group Names

When vampires form a group, it’s not always about plotting the next big scare. 

Some vampire groups prefer brainstorming the next big laugh. It’s a verse to friendship among creatures of the night, where humor becomes the glue that binds these unlikely unions.

These group names are perfect for your comedic vampire troupes, role-playing games, or just for giving your friends a new, fang-tastic identity for the night.

  • Disco Draculas
  • Sip & Spook Socialites
  • Misfit Moonlighters
  • The Nightwalkers Union
  • Sundown Standups
  • Crypt Comedy Crew
  • Fangs in Flip Flops
  • Cape Crusaders & Cocktails
  • Broomstick Breakdancers
  • Team Stake-Out
  • Sunset Sarcasm Society
  • The Coffin Crew
  • Dusk ’til Dawn Dancers
  • Twilight Toastmasters
  • Starlight Snark Squad
  • Bloodlight Bloggers
  • The Bitey Bunch
  • Dusty Drapes Society
  • The Coffin Dodgers
  • Nightshade Navigators
  • Eclipse Entertainers
  • Shadow Shimmy Shakers
  • Plasma Punchliners
  • Afterdark Chucklers
  • Neon Nightwalkers
  • Daybreak Dodgers
  • Sundowner Satirists
  • Twilight Teasers
  • The Misfit Bloodsuckers

Funny Scary Vampire Names

Bridging the gap between the mysterious and the amusing, funny, scary vampire names injects a playful fear into the heart of darkness. 

It’s a creative approach that adds depth to characters, making them more relatable and memorable by balancing their menacing nature with a touch of comedic relief.

Each name here is a testament to the versatility of the vampire narrative, proving that the dreadful can indeed mingle with joy. 

  • Screechy McHowl
  • Boo Boo Biter
  • Fangy McFright
  • Spooky Tooth Slim
  • Creep Chuckles
  • Shrieky Shadows
  • Giggles the Ghoul
  • Hauntie McHauntface
  • Broom-Hilda Bite
  • Dracu-LOL
  • Spooktacular Stan
  • Vampy McVampface
  • Scream Cream Jim
  • Howler Hiccups
  • Bitey Nighty
  • Dreadful Dimples
  • Boo Berry Bob
  • Startle Me Silly Sid
  • Petrify Pie Pete
  • Shudder Buddy
  • Sir Spills-a-Lot

Funny Old Vampire Names

When it comes to vampires, age is but a number, especially for those who’ve been undead for centuries yet haven’t lost their sense of humor. 

Funny old vampire names pay homage to the ancient and the antique with a playful nod to their enduring existence. 

This collection is a tribute to the boundless creativity that fuels the vampire mythos, spotlighting names that inspire wonder and intrigue.

  • Ancient Andy
  • Lazy Fangs Larry
  • Snore-a-Lot Stan
  • Wrinklefang
  • Oldie Ollie
  • Early Bird Edna
  • Bingo Biter
  • Creaky Creep
  • Elder Edie
  • Hairy Harry
  • Toothless Tim
  • Wrinkles the Swift
  • Lazybones Louis
  • Vintage Victor
  • Grandpa Gusto
  • Tea-Time Tilda
  • Oldie Goldie
  • Twilight Tango Tom
  • Sleepwalker Sarah
  • Snoozer Suzie
  • Couch Potato Colin

Creative Vampire Names

Creative vampire names break away from the norm, offering a fresh take on vampire mythology. 

These names fuse elements of magic, mystery, and modernity, reflecting the ever-evolving nature of vampire lore. 

They are the names of vampires who don’t just exist in the shadows but also the limelight of the modern world, embodying the spirit of innovation.

  • Luna Luminosity
  • Crimson Craft
  • Velvet Vein
  • Mystic Mirage
  • Shadow Synth
  • Quartz Quiver
  • Ember Enigma
  • Neon Night
  • Digital Drift
  • Echo Essence
  • Frost Flare
  • Pixel Prowler
  • Celestial Cipher
  • Mirage Meld
  • Spectrum Splice
  • Glitch Gloom
  • Phase Phantom
  • Solaris Spark
  • Binary Bite
  • Aurora Algorithm
  • Portal Phantom
  • Dynamo Drift
  • Ethereal Edge
  • Quantum Quench

Cool Vampire Names

While humor is the heartbeat of our guide, let’s remember the cool vampires. 

Such vampires embody the mystique and allure traditionally associated with these night creatures. 

They strike a balance between being awe-inspiring and fear-inducing, appealing to those who favor vampires with a bit more gravitas.

These names are imbued with a sense of mystery, elegance, and a dash of danger, perfect for characters who walk the line between darkness and style. 

  • Shadow Stryker
  • Raven Nightshade
  • Crimson Valor
  • Velvet Dusk
  • Eclipse Marauder
  • Midnight Phantom
  • Frost Nocturne
  • Blade Serenity
  • Storm Veil
  • Dark Mirage
  • Winter’s Fang
  • Sable Wraith
  • Iron Nightfall
  • Thorn Sovereign
  • Frostbite Vanguard
  • Sapphire Stalker
  • Silver Eclipse
  • Phantom Lurker
  • Dusk Reckoner
  • Nightshade Sentinel
  • Aurora Phantom
  • Twilight Guardian
  • Mystic Zenith

Cute Vampire Names

In the moonlit world of vampires, not all are fierce and fearsome; some are downright adorable. 

These cute vampire names blend the mystical with the endearing, perfect for characters that charm as much with their sweetness as with their supernatural flair. 

Each name is designed to evoke a sense of fun and warmth, proving that even in the world of the undead, there’s room for a little light-heartedness.

  • Sparkle Fang
  • Velvet Paws
  • Twinkle Bite
  • Batty Cakes
  • Pudding Fangs
  • Luna Whiskers
  • Pixie Dust
  • Bubblegum Bites
  • Snuggle Fang
  • Cuddle Cloak
  • Glimmer Gloom
  • Fluffy Shadows
  • Peppy Night
  • Sweet Swoop
  • Tickle Tooth
  • Muffin Moon
  • Cherry Chomp
  • Pixie Fang
  • Cozy Crypt
  • Glitter Gloom
  • Sugar Scream
  • Marshmallow Mist
  • Puffy Pumpkin
  • Daisy Dusk
  • Snicker Snack
  • Honey Haunt
  • Boo Berry
  • Velvet Night
  • Cocoa Crypt

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Unique Vampire Names

In the vast universe of vampire lore, unique vampire names stand as beacons of individuality, highlighting characters that defy the norms with their singular characteristics. 

They’re the names of vampires who defy conventions, who carry the essence of ancient power and modern mystery. 

Explore these names that resonate with an air of enigma, drawing from lesser-known mythologies, forgotten languages, and the deep, shadowy corners of vampire lore. 

  • Nero Vane
  • Iris Nightly
  • Felix Shade
  • Luna Spark
  • Orion Veil
  • Zara Thorn
  • Leo Gravemore
  • Mira Frost
  • Kai Shadow
  • Sable Wisp
  • Remy Dark
  • Elara Mist
  • Nova Gleam
  • Seth Whisper
  • Ivy Moon
  • Axel Night
  • Jade Phantom
  • Troy Eclipse
  • Lila Star
  • Milo Fang
  • Tessa Twilight
  • Damon Blaze
  • Ruby Dusk
  • Vance Hallow

Best Vampire Names

Compiling a list of the best vampire names means balancing the eerie with the elegant, the fearsome with the fascinating. 

They are a blend of tradition and innovation, designed to resonate with fans of vampire lore while appealing to the sensibilities of a modern audience. 

These names are for the vampires who lead, who inspire, and who haunt our dreams with their indelible presence.

  • Lucian Shadowend
  • Isabella Nightfall
  • Sebastian Darkmere
  • Aurora Ravenwing
  • Victor Nightshade
  • Seraphina Bloodrose
  • Xavier Mooncrest
  • Lilith Starcloak
  • Gabriel Vortex
  • Anastasia Grimwood
  • Tristan Darkwell
  • Celeste Nightingale
  • Julian Eclipse
  • Morgana Veil
  • Alexander Cryptwalker
  • Ravena Myst
  • Cassius Nightwind
  • Valeria Shadowveil
  • Darius Blackthorn
  • Eliza Darkblood
  • Scarlett Whisper
  • Lysander Moonspell

Conclusion: Night Falls, Laughter Echoes

As we close the coffin lid on our guide to vampire names, from the eerily amusing to the anciently amusing and the creatively captivating, we hope you’ve found your fill of inspiration (and perhaps a few chuckles along the way). 

These names serve as a reminder that the world of vampires is as versatile and vibrant as our imagination allows it to be. 

Whether you’re crafting tales of the undead, naming your next RPG character, or simply in search of a good laugh under the moonlight, remember: even in the darkest of nights, a burst of laughter can light the way. 

So, arm yourself with humor, creativity, and a touch of the macabre, and let the names you’ve discovered here guide you through your storytelling adventures. 

Why Choose Funny Vampire Names?

Breaks Stereotypes: Injects a fresh twist into traditional vampire lore, making characters more relatable and memorable.

Enhances Creativity: Encourages innovative storytelling and character development, moving beyond clichés.

Lightens the Mood: Offers a humorous counterbalance to the typically dark vampire narrative, appealing to a broader audience.

Versatile Use: Ideal for various contexts, from writing and gaming to themed parties, enhancing engagement and fun.

Memorable Impact: Funny names leave a lasting impression, making characters stand out in the minds of readers and players.

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